Auckland Rates

by Bob Keall

1. The Government. plans to impose Capital Value Rating on the new Regional City.

2. This will be unacceptable to about 2/3 of the Region currently on Land Value - who always have been, and staunchly prefer it.

It will divide the new City and add to the clumsy dysfunction leading up to the General Election next year [2011].

3. The plan reverses history by 114 years.

  • In 1896 Ratepayers were given the right to demand a poll.

  • By 1982, with this dispensation, 90% of all municipalities had, by poll, adopted Land Value Rating, exempting improvements, which accounted for 80% of Local Government. revenue.

  • That popular, democratic trend has since been undermined -

    • - by the main Parties, in or out of office.

    • - by bureaucrats in Central and Local Government, influenced by the World Bank.

4. The belated, fundamental issue of the Rating base should be determined by poll when the valuations are known and advised.

The Rate funding should be shared with the Local Wards/Boards on an ad valorem basis.

5. The Rates issue will otherwise divide the Region of 1/3 of N.Z’s population and will indict the Coalition .

This is more fully detailed in Rating Systems.