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Phil Anderson's analysis of history and insights into the business and housing cycles over the last two decades have positively assisted many people in corporate and life planning.

Two speeches by Phil Anderson in PDF format.

Energy and the Tax Base: Implications for Solar Power. [3.6 MB]
Presented to the Solar 95 conference, Hobart 1995

Property Taxation: Implications for Environmental Economics. [2 MB]
Presented at the Energy, Environment and Economics conference,
Melbourne University, November 1995.


See the short film, 'Ricardo's Law' an introduction to the book, 'Ricardo's Law ~ House Prices and the Great Tax Clawback Scam' by Fred Harrison:
Ricardo's Law points lawmakers, policy analysts and social reformers toward a model of public finances that is fair and would deliver prosperity to everyone.
Published by Shepheard-Walwyn: