Getting The A.C.T.* Together

by Bob Keall

The only way to get government out of people's lives is to confine its revenue to collecting the rent for the natural resources or natural monopolies which properly belong to it, on behalf of us all.

This would allow the reduction or abolition of the other taxes accordingly, and the invasiveness which goes with them i.e. Zero tax rates, with market Resource Rentals for Revenue.

In turn this would raise wages and enable people to be independent of government support, and of further intrusion accordingly.

It would also allow the private, competitive operation of the natural monopolies in most cases, on payment of the market rent in favour of the government. This rent would comprise its revenue for essential services such as law and order.

All progress and increased productivity is created only by labour. It is nevertheless captured, often anticipated, in the price of land, natural resources and natural monopolies. i.e. by private ownership of ‘The Economy’—the cause of boom and bust!

The law generally would also assume a new stature. When we allow private property in what is really common or public property (resource rents) we must then condone public property in what should be private property (taxes on wages and interest). Giving the force of law to that which would be wrong and illegal as between individuals brings the law into disrepute and sets an alarming precedent for endless consequentials. Failure to make this neat distinction gave rise to the Welfare State.

Demolishing the Welfare State will certainly reduce taxes and leave more money in the hands of those who produce it. This is rapidly absorbed in higher land prices and monopoly charges. Privatising these unearned natural monopoly rights is the main means by which the few grow progressively richer, and the many become poorer and oppressed.

Socialising this value of the common heritage is the only basis for equal opportunity, democracy and freedom.

Taxes on what you earn?
No—what you earn belongs to you!

Taxes on what you own?
No—not if what you own is what you've earned.
Yes—if what you “own” really belongs to the community—natural resources and natural monopolies.

A Level Playing Field.

The Playing Field isn't level—the private owners of natural resources and natural monopolies are the gatekeepers to the ‘level’ playing field on which the rest compete for what is left, after the gatekeepers have been paid. In fact the ‘level’ playing field is tilted that way.

* A.C.T = Association for Consumers and Taxpayers